Bellevue Burglars Busted

This morning at 8:03 a.m., Bellevue police officers responded to a reported burglary in progress at a residence in the 4000 block of 149th Avenue SE.  The female resident was in her bed when she heard two unknown men in the adjacent room of the house.  The resident was able to call 911 and relay this information to NORCOM dispatchers. While the resident was on the line with 911, the suspects entered the victim’s bedroom and began looking through her dresser drawers. The victim was able to successfully avoid detection by hiding under her bed sheets. The suspects heard police arrive and ran out the back door of the residence. A K-9 unit responded and began to search for the two suspects. A short time later, a Bellevue motorcycle sergeant located two individuals matching the description of the suspects walking along SE 36th Street. The sergeant detained one of the suspects, however the other suspect began running. The second suspect attempted to get into an occupied vehicle in his attempt to escape, however the door was locked and the driver was able to get away. Additional officers responded to the area and took the second suspect into custody after a short foot chase. The suspects, a 21 year-old male Renton resident and a 25 year-old Burien resident, were arrested for investigation of burglary and obstruction. The suspects are not being named as they have not yet been charged with any crime.

Bellevue Police Case #17-38092

One thought on “Bellevue Burglars Busted”

  1. A BIG THANK YOU to the officers of the Bellevue Police Department for your prompt arrival & professionalism as you worked in our neighborhood to catch these burglars.
    So grateful to have such top quality officers in our community!


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