Bellevue Police Investigating Fatal Overnight Crash

Bellevue Police are investigating the fatal crash involving this BMW. Excessive speed and drugs or alcohol are suspected as contributing factors.

Shortly after 2 a.m. This morning, Bellevue police and fire responded to a report of a traffic crash on 156th Avenue NE just north of NE 20th Street. When responders arrived, they located a vehicle on the side of the road that had struck a light pole. The driver and lone occupant of the vehicle, a 23 year-old man, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Investigators determined that the involved vehicle, a 2014 BMW 4 Series, had been traveling northbound at a high rate of speed on 156th Avenue NE prior to the crash. Investigators believe that the vehicle struck a center median, causing the car to spin into the light pole. Two other vehicles struck the downed light pole, however those drivers were not injured. The King County Medical Examiner responded to the scene and is working to notify the next of kin. 156th Ave NE was closed for approximately seven hours while police investigated the crash.


6 thoughts on “Bellevue Police Investigating Fatal Overnight Crash”

  1. It seems extremely inappropriate to assume that drugs and alcohol were involved without any mention of evidence. That line is completely unnecessary and adds nothing to the story. The moral of this story is that a young life was lost. I am sure there are many factors that could have contributed to that but trying to incriminate someone who I know is a black male before any notable reason just seems like a classic case of police discrimination. As community leaders, you should really have more tact when addressing ANY member of your community. It’s simply tasteless to prematurely accuse a young man who just lost his life and it should never be done by leaders who supposedly have his best interests at heart.


    1. Lol they didn’t even say the race of the victim. Digging for cultural division a little hard aren’t you?


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