Early morning crime spree suspect captured

Just after 5:00 am Thursday, a store employee in the 2600 block Bellevue Way NE reported an attempted carjacking and assault. He says someone opened his car door, pulled him from the vehicle, and punched him repeatedly in the face. The victim then says the 20-year-old suspect got in the vehicle but didn’t know how to start the car. The suspect reportedly left the vehicle, punched the victim several times more, threw him to the ground, and demanded his keys. When the victim told him they were in the car, the suspect fled, leaving behind his sweatshirt.

Victim’s car and the suspect’s sweatshirt

As officers set a perimeter, another assault call came in nearby in the 10400 block NE 32nd Pl. Officers found a man bleeding from his head and with multiple abrasions. This victim says he was taking out the trash when someone jumped him from behind and violently attacked him. The victim says the suspect was grabbing for his keys and eventually attempted to open the doors to a vehicle. When he failed, he fled the area.

Retention pond where the suspect was captured

Both Bellevue and King County Sheriff’s K9 units arrived and quickly searched the area.  A short time later, King County’s K9 located the suspect in a retention pond east of Bellevue Way NE on SR 520.

Officers transported the suspect to the hospital due to his high level of intoxication.  Once he was medically cleared, he was booked into jail on investigation of two counts Robbery 2.

Case # 21-22592

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