Bellevue Cyclist Seriously Injured In Monday Morning Crash

A Bellevue teen has serious injuries following a crash between a bicycle and SUV in the Factoria neighborhood of Bellevue.  This morning at 7:32 a.m., Bellevue Police and fire responded to the intersection of SE Newport Way and 129th Place SE for a report of a vehicle that had struck a bicyclist. When first responders arrived, they found the cyclist on the roadway with serious injuries, and a 2017 Toyota 4runner with front end damage. The cyclist, a 17 year-old female Bellevue resident, was immediately transported to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. The driver of the SUV, a 48 year-old female Bellevue resident, remained at the scene and is cooperating with investigators.

A Bellevue cyclist was seriously injured when they were struck by this SUV Monday morning.

At this time, investigators believe that the motorist failed to see the cyclist, who was traveling westbound on Newport way, and made a left turn in front of the bicycle. This crash is being investigated by the Bellevue Police accident investigation team, and 129th Place SE remains closed during the investigation.

4 thoughts on “Bellevue Cyclist Seriously Injured In Monday Morning Crash”

  1. The cyclist was traveling eastbound, going uphill, against traffic? That doesn’t make sense. Based on the photo it looks like the cyclist was traveling westbound, going downhill, with traffic, towards Newport High School. I hope the student is okay. The intersection of 129th and Newport Way is treacherous. A pedestrian woman crossing Newport Way at 129th was killed in the crosswalk probably 8-12 years ago. The city was going to put in flashing lights on the crosswalk and crosswalk flags, but they did not. There have been discussions to put a light at this intersection. Making a turn at this intersection is difficult during peak travel times because the line of westbound cars on Newport Way backs up for several blocks and often blocks this intersection. My family and I travel this intersection multiple times per day. I’ve seen many near-accident situations. SLOW DOWN PEOPLE. PLEASE DRIVE LIKE YOUR CHILDREN LIVE HERE.


    1. I find that many of the people who speed in residential areas are actually living in the area. Why? Because they’re more familiar with the streets and hence more likely to go faster.


    2. I used to ride every day on Newport Way from Issaquah to Bellevue. I now avoid Newport by taking the I-90 trail and traveling under the bridge (on the way home – also dangerous). Parts of Newport road are extremely dangerous (I’ve reported to the city as much), particularly where there is no shoulder – and even where there is, people place their garbage cans out in the bike lanes. The city needs to do a lot more to make Bellevue a safe place for humans. 20mph speed limits and traffic cameras would help. I’m very surprised more people aren’t hit, but that’s probably just because most people are too afraid to travel the city outside of their cars.


  2. The sight lines looking left are very bad. You can’t see a bike in the lane until it’s practically right in front of you.. The bike lane should be removed to discourage cyclists from hugging the curb – put in sharrows if need be to get people out into the lane so cars coming from the right can SEE them.


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