Bellevue police increase speed enforcement

Bellevue police are doubling down on efforts to reduce traffic speeds in the city with enhanced enforcement, radar trailers, and a digital reader board strategically placed throughout the city.

Speeding ticket
$553 citation for traveling 60 mph in a 30 mph zone

“Unfortunately, right now it’s not uncommon to see citations for 60-mph in a 30-mph zone,” said Captain Joe Nault. “Just because traffic volumes are down, doesn’t mean the laws of physics go away. The higher the speed, the longer it takes to stop and the shorter time a driver has to react.”

Police officers are working with the Bellevue Transportation Department to rotate three radar trailers and a digital reader board throughout the city. Additionally, traffic officers will conduct routine high-visibility patrols. “People need to slow down. During this pandemic, everyone is focused on staying healthy, and rightfully so.  But just like social distancing saves lives, so does slowing down and obeying traffic laws,” Nault adds.

SpeedsThere are also more pedestrians and cyclists out during the stay-home measures, and that makes increased speed, combined with distracted driving, even more dangerous. Captain Nault urged drivers to pay attention, “The likelihood of a pedestrian being killed is only 5% if a car strikes them at 20 mph but jumps to 40% if that same car is only going ten mph faster.  These collisions are preventable, that’s what’s so tragic.”

To avoid unnecessary exposure, officers will use safety precautions when stopping violators, including wearing PPE and sending infractions in the mail.

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