A fond farewell, John McCracken

After nearly 35 years, Bellevue Police said farewell to Major John McCracken. McCracken’s a Bellevue native and started his career as a dispatcher in 1986, after graduating from Newport High School, Bellevue College, and the University of Washington.

Major John McCracken

He soon became a police support officer and then a Bellevue police officer in 1988. 

McCracken is a ‘cops cop.’  He is tenacious, competitive, and a team player.  “John always had your back,” said Sergeant Dave DeVore, who worked his entire career with McCracken. “But he also challenged you, everyone, and that made us all better cops at the end of the day.”

During his career, John was a patrol officer, a motorcycle officer, Field Training Officer, Patrol, and Traffic Unit Captain.  He also served as a Special Detail Unit Detective, SWAT Team Commander, Investigations Captain, and since 2017, as Investigations Major. 

“It’s difficult to underestimate the impact Major McCracken has had on BPD over the years; his leadership, energy, compassion, and ability to make even the most difficult jobs seem effortless will be missed,” said Assistant Chief Carl Kleinknecht.  “When John arrived on scene, you were confident the job would get done and get done well.”

Of the hundreds of cases McCracken’s investigated, the one that bothers him most is the Sky Metalwala case.  Sky vanished in 2011 and has never been found.  “We could never determine what happened to Sky. We know he didn’t disappear from Bellevue that day, and we suspect only his mom can tell us what happened to him,” McCracken said.

McCracken says he’s been lucky to have had some great assignments over the years, like getting paid to ride a motorcycle.  But his fondest memories are working with the Make A Wish Foundation helping kids who deserved a special day, including Electron Boy and Justice Boy.

“This has been an amazingly satisfying career.  I wouldn’t have wanted to do anything else. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to serve the city where I grew up.”

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