Bellevue police release new information about 2018 video

Today, the Bellevue Police Department received a communication from the driver depicted in the arrest on December 23, 2018. She provided documentation that she contacted the police department on February 28, 2019, requesting documents and contact with the Chief of Police. The Chief’s administrative staff interpreted the email as a public records request for documents and, per protocol, routed it to the Bellevue City Clerk’s Office. In March 2019, the documents were delivered, and the request was closed.
Due to the interpretation of the driver’s email, that it was a request for documents, Chief Mylett was unaware that she wanted to speak with him.
“This issue came to my attention earlier today and did not show up in our initial review of documents yesterday. I sincerely regret there was a misinterpretation in the processing of this request from the individual in the video. As I’ve said all along, we take incidents involving an officer using force, very seriously. My department is firmly committed to transparency and serving everyone in our community.”
At the scene of the arrest on December 23, 2018, officers asked the driver to provide a statement, and she refused. A bystander filed a complaint, and the department thoroughly reviewed the incident.

In full transparency, BPD is making all records available.

The public records request documents can be found here.

The case documents can be found here.

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