Attempted murder suspect behind bars

Detectives took a 35-year-old suspect in an attempted murder in Bellevue into custody without incident on March 2, 2021.  The dangerous and violent suspect was apprehended outside his residence in the 3000 block Bellevue Way NE.

Surveillance photo of victim being punched.

The suspect allegedly severely beat a 29-year-old man at a Mini-mart in the 11600 block NE 8th St. on February 24. The suspect is seen on camera repeatedly hitting the victim in the face and stomping on his head. The suspect left in a black vehicle, then returned a minute later to fill up with gasoline. Detectives are still investigating what prompted the beating, but there is evidence the parties were aware of each other. This was not a random attack.

Surveillance photo of the suspect violently attacking the victim on the ground.

The victim suffered severe head and face injuries, requiring hospitalization. He laid injured on the ground for about 30 minutes until a customer arrived and called for help.

Investigators developed evidence and probable cause to arrest the suspect. Given the violent nature of the crime, the Bellevue SWAT team accompanied detectives for the arrest. The team prepared a plan for the arrest and quickly adjusted when the suspect couldn’t be positively identified because he was wearing a mask.

The SWAT team then simply approached the suspect in the parking lot. When the suspect saw the officers, he ran right into a team of other officers.  The result was a peaceful surrender, and no force was used.

The suspect was arrested on investigation of Attempted Murder, Assault 1, and Assault 2.  Other charges are pending.

Case # 21-9183 

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