Bellevue police launch Police Transparency and Accountability website

Whether it’s recent neighborhood crime data, use of force incidents or information about the police department’s workforce diversity, it’s all at your fingertips on the new Bellevue Police Transparency and Accountability website. The site is designed to help strengthen trust between the police department and the community.

“We are happy to share this police data with our community members so they can become more aware of public safety issues and partner with us to develop solutions to make our community safer,” said Chief Wendell Shirley. “The public can log onto this new website and see real-time statistics and crime trends and be able to analyze the data that impacts them.”

In addition to crime statistics, the Transparency site explains use of force, breaking down each reportable incident by the level of force, the reason for contact, and the demographics of the subject and involved officer. The site also has information about diversity within the department and includes opportunities to engage with the department.

The information on the dashboards can be filtered by demographics, crimes, arrests, location and date, among other things. The crime data is refreshed every 48 hours.

“We continuously strive to earn the public’s trust and this website is another way to make a connection with our community,” Chief Shirley stated.

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