Bellevue Police Release Video – “Bellevue Police Department – At Your Service”

At Your ServiceToday, the Bellevue Police Department released a new video on the Department’s YouTube channel. The video, titled “Bellevue Police Department – At Your Service”, came from a recommendation by the Police Department’s Latino advisory council. The purpose of the video is to help educate immigrants and new residents to Bellevue about the role of the Bellevue Police Department, as well as to provide information on when and how to contact the Police. Seth Tyler, the Public Information Officer for the Bellevue Police Department, said: This video provides necessary information to diverse communities that otherwise would not have access to public safety information. By reaching out to these communities in their respective languages, we can continue to build upon existing community partnerships, fostering the mindset that it’s ok to call 911 in an emergency, increase the communities comfort levels in reporting suspicious behavior, and break down the barriers that exist between law enforcement and diverse populations.” The videos released today were in English and Spanish, however the Department plans to release the video in additional languages later this summer. Links to the videos are below.

Bellevue Police Department – At Your Service – English

Policía de Bellevue – A Su Servicio – Español

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