Bellevue Police Make Arrest in Jewelry Store Smash and Grab Theft

Yesterday afternoon, members of the Bellevue Police Department’s SWAT team arrested a man suspected of stealing several high value watches from a jewelry store in downtown Bellevue. On November 25th, shortly before 6 p.m., Bellevue Police responded to a reported theft at the Ben Bridge store inside Bellevue Square Mall. Investigators learned that two suspects had entered the store, smashed display cases with a large rock, and took an undisclosed amount of jewelry from the store. Bellevue Square Mall was briefly locked down as a result of the incident. Investigators were able to recover evidence at the scene, including a fingerprint left by one of the suspects. The fingerprint was identified in less than 24 hours by the Bellevue Police Department’s forensics laboratory. After identifying the suspect, the investigating Detective learned that the suspect, a 26 year-old Renton resident, was scheduled to meet with his Department of Corrections Officer this week. When the suspect arrived at the Department of Corrections office in Burien today, Bellevue SWAT Officers were there waiting for him. The suspect was arrested for theft first degree, a felony, interviewed by Detectives and booked into jail later yesterday evening. The investigation into the theft continues.

One thought on “Bellevue Police Make Arrest in Jewelry Store Smash and Grab Theft”

  1. Outstanding work by the BPD forensics and Detective teams. Sends a clear message to the bad guys: you can run, but you cannot hide.


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