New Parking Requirement Takes Effect Next Week

A new parking regulation in Bellevue will continue to prohibit parking in the same public place for more than 24 hours but adds a requirement that vehicles must be moved to a different block. The new ordinance takes effect Tuesday, Dec. 26.


The revised code (BCC 11.23.020) closes a loophole that allowed drivers to move their vehicles a few inches to avoid a ticket. The change means that people cannot store a vehicle in the same place on the street for an extended period. The vehicle must be moved to a different block every 24 hours to avoid a ticket which will cost $42 beginning Jan. 1, 2018, up from $40.

Information on this and other parking regulations is available on the city’s parking rules and restrictions webpage. City code enforcement is complaint based and can be filed using the city’s online system, the MyBellevue App or by calling NORCOM non-emergency at 425-577-5656. Questions regarding the change may be directed to Sgt. Mike Shovlin, 425-452-4210.

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