Bellevue Teen Recognized For Lifesaving Efforts

UPDATE 03/22/2018: Jonathan Tyshler was recognized for his part in saving his grandfather’s life today at an assembly at Odle Middle School. Jonathan was presented with a certificate from the California Highway Patrol by Bellevue Police school resource officer Jeff Borsheim.

Original post: A Bellevue High School student was recognized today for his heroic efforts on the side of a California freeway in 2016. On August 16, 2016, 13 year-old Daniel Tyshler was riding in a vehicle on the I-405 freeway in southern California with his 11 year-old brother Jonathan and their grandparents. Daniel and his brother were on vacation. Suddenly, and without warning, Daniel’s grandfather suffered a cardiac arrest while driving. The car veered across five lanes of traffic, narrowly missed a guardrail, and came to a stop in a grove of trees on the side of the freeway.

Daniel Tyshler (center) was recognized by the California Highway Patrol for saving the life of his grandfather Boris Govzman (right) after he had a cardiac arrest while driving.

Daniel and his brother quickly went into action. Daniel immediately called 911, and then coached his frantic grandmother on how to turn off the engine and unlock the doors of the vehicle. Then, with the help of a citizen that had stopped, Daniel and Jonathan removed his unconscious grandfather from the vehicle and immediately began administering lifesaving CPR until first responders arrived at the scene. Responders were able to locate a pulse, and Daniel’s grandfather was transported to the hospital and made a full recovery.

Officer Borsheim presented Daniel Tyshler with the lifesaving award at a school assembly today.

Today at a student assembly at Bellevue High School, Daniel was recognized by the California Highway Patrol with a certificate of recognition for performing lifesaving medical aid. The award was presented by Bellevue Police School Resource Officer Jeff Borsheim. In the award, CHP Captain Shackleford stated: “You are being commended for your swift action, calm demeanor, and poise under pressure while saving a life.” Shackleford continued: “It takes a very special kind of person to act in the face of adversity, congratulations.”

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