Burglary Suspect Arrested After Homeowner Catches Him In the Act

Bellevue Police Case #18-16770

Bellevue Police arrested a burglary suspect yesterday morning after a homeowner discovered two unknown men in his family’s home. On Monday morning at 2:15 a.m., a homeowner in the 10000 block of SE 7th Street in West Bellevue heard footsteps and other sounds inside his house. While checking the house, the homeowner discovered two suspects inside the home. One suspect immediately fled out garage door when he saw the homeowner. The second suspect, a 19 year-old man, was found downstairs in the basement by the homeowner. The homeowner armed himself with two large kitchen knives, went back to the basement, and yelled at the suspect to lie down on the ground. The homeowner held the suspect at knifepoint until Bellevue police arrived and took the suspect into custody without further incident. A police K-9 unit responded, however the second suspect was not located. Several of victim’s credit cards, car keys, and other property were found on the suspect during a search. Other stolen property had been staged outside the home in one of victim’s backpacks.

The suspect was booked into jail for Residential Burglary, second degree theft, and possession of stolen property.

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