Bellevue Police Offer Tips For Preventing Mail Theft As Tax Day Nears

The theft of mail from mailboxes continues to occur in Bellevue. In fact, Bellevue Police have seen an uptick in mailbox thefts in the months leading up to tax season, when many residents are receiving and sending documents containing sensitive financial and personal information. Just two weeks ago, two of Bellevue Police Department’s K-9 officers were on patrol in the middle of the night in the Crossroads neighborhood when they observed a suspect stealing mail and packages from mailboxes along a residential street. Bellevue Police are also seeing cases involving locking mailboxes being broken into. The Bellevue Police Department continues to recommend the use of a locking mailbox instead of an unsecured mailbox, however they also recommend these additional steps to prevent theft of mail, which can then lead to further fraudulent activity:

Mail Theft

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