Report illegal fireworks online July 4th

It’s time to celebrate our country’s 243rd birthday, but the 4th of July is also when we see a spike in fire danger, injuries, and noise complaints. To help reduce these problems, you’ll now be able to report illegal fireworks online or through the MY-BELLEVUE-icon-2016_1024x1024 (002)MyBellevue app on July 4th. The fireworks reporting section will be active from 8:00 p.m. on July 4th to 2:00 a.m. on July 5th. Here’s what you do to file a complaint:

  • Log onto the app on your phone or online at
  • Click on new request, fireworks reporting
  • Click issue location and add the address or move the pin
  • Click submit

Fireworks reporting heat map - CopyThe app will create a heat map that will show hot spots with the most activity, the Bellevue Police and Fire Departments will have dedicated crews responding to those areas on the evening of July 4th.  Please note, you will not get an individual reply, but your report will be documented.

Bellevue Fire Marshal Ken Carlson says this is a pilot program to improve the city’s response, “We see a significant increase in 911 calls on the 4th of July because of fireworks complaints.  Many times, the calls lack a specific address.  The app will allow residents to put in an address or drop the locator pin near the location. It will also reduce the number of 911 calls, leaving lines open for emergencies.”   You should still call 911 if there’s a fire, injury, or imminent threat of danger.

This year our fire danger is forecasted to be extremely high, so people need to be extra vigilant. And safety is always a concern, “Fireworks are dangerous. Every year people show up in emergency rooms with firework-related injuries,” adds Fire Marshal Carlson. “It’s just not worth the risk of getting hurt or starting a fire.”

Light_Wright_Twitter_WEBThe fine for lighting illegal fireworks in Bellevue is $1000. All fireworks are illegal in the city, except for permitted displays. We encourage you to celebrate at one of the public events on the Eastside. Here are a couple of fireworks shows:

Have a fun and safe 4th!

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