Carjacked automobile recovered, four arrested in robbery

The Bellevue Police Downtown Unit (DTU) responded to a robbery in progress at Bellevue Square at 2:15 pm Wednesday. Loss prevention was holding two suspects; two others fled the scene after assaulting the security officers. As DTU officers approached the suspects’ vehicle, one of the suspects took off running. To elude the officer, the suspect hopped a fence in Downtown Park and landed in the frigid pond, at which point he surrendered. Officers recovered a stolen, loaded semi-automatic pistol in his pocket during a search after the arrest.

Several blocks away, another officer found a person matching the description of one of the female suspects at a bus stop 9700 block NE 8th St. After confirming her identity, the 19-year-old was arrested. Loss prevention detained two other suspects, ages 15 and 18-years-old.

It turns out the suspects’ vehicle, a blue Pontiac, was reported stolen in an armed carjacking out a Kent. It is being processed for evidence.

Earlier this week, Bellevue officers recovered a different vehicle that had been carjacked in Spokane.  Three suspects were arrested after robbing a woman and fraudulently using her credit card.

“This is simply excellent police work by our officers. The Downtown Unit is making a significant impact on crime in the downtown core area,” said Chief Steve Mylett. “Some may consider shoplifting a petty crime, but as you can see in this case, the suspects can be armed and dangerous. We don’t want them in Bellevue, and if they come, we will arrest them,” the Chief added.

Case # 20-5793

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