Free catalytic converter etching event

To help deter catalytic converter thefts, the Bellevue Police Department is launching Project CATCON ID with a free etching event. CATCON ID promotes theft prevention measures, including painting and etching events, where community members can get the last eight digits of their vehicle identification number etched on their catalytic converter and painted for free.

Painted and etched catalytic converter

Honda Auto Center of Bellevue is hosting the first event with appointments available Monday-Friday, March 7-11th, from 1:00 – 5:00 pm. Appointments are required and will take approximately 30 minutes. You can register through this link.

Bellevue police officers and our Crime Prevention Officer will also be on hand to give out a sticker to place in the windshield, indicating their catalytic converters have been marked as a further deterrence. They will also be available to answer questions about safety and crime prevention. 

Earlier this week, Chief Wendell Shirley announced the Eastside Catalytic Converter Task Force to help crack down on the thefts, including those buying the converters, stating there’s no easy solution to this rising problem. “We need to tackle this from all angles. Our task force will investigate and arrest the thieves. But we also need to partner with our residents and educate them to help prevent thefts in the first place. Etching the VIN and painting the converters will deter some thieves and scrap yards from buying them.”

The Everett Police Department initiated Project CATCON ID with great success helping their residents get their converters etched and painted. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has also financially supported these projects to help crackdown on catalytic converter thefts.

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