Bellevue Police Expand Online Crime Reporting

Beginning tomorrow, the public will be able to use the Bellevue Police Department’s online crime reporting system to report two new categories of incidents. Users will be able to report incidents of bias related events as well as identity theft. Currently, the system may be used to report harassing phone calls, hit and run accidents, littering, lost property, motor vehicle prowls, thefts, vandalism, and may also be used to provide crime tips to police.

Two new categories of incidents will be available for online reporting, beginning tomorrow.

Last year, the Bellevue Police Department took 270 reports of identity theft and 14 reports of malicious harassment. By allowing these crimes as well as bias related events that might not rise to the level of a malicious harassment report to be reported online, Police Officers will have more time available to proactively patrol Bellevue. It will also provide the Bellevue Police Department with valuable information on the frequency and scope of these incidents. As always, residents may request an Officer to take a report in person if they feel there is additional investigation that will need to be done, or evidence that will need to be collected and processed.

“I encourage anyone who believes they were a victim of a bias related event to make a report, either online or in person,” said Bellevue Chief of Police Steve Mylett. “We take bias related incidents seriously and are committed to fully investigating all reports we receive.”

To make an online report, visit the Bellevue Police Department’s website,, and select “Report a Crime”.

Bellevue Police would like to remind individuals that the online reporting system should not be used to report crimes in progress. The telephone number 9-1-1 should be used to report crimes that are in progress.

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