Bellevue Police Serve Warrant at Residence in Phantom Lake Neighborhood

On September 17, 2017 at approximately 11:00 PM, Bellevue Police and King County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Teams, Bellevue Hostage Negotiations Team and King County’s  Guardian One helicopter were called in to assist in the service of a search and arrest warrant located at the 16700 block of SE 14 St. for investigation of Felony Assault 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.

A 48 year old Bellevue man was recently released on Tuesday September 12th from a two week involuntary psychological evaluation. In the days that followed, the man reportedly physically assaulted his two daughters (ages 14 & 17) on several occasions. The man also reportedly pointed a rifle at the 17 year old threatening to kill her.

During a prior incident and pursuant to a court order, all known firearms were seized by Bellevue Police for safekeeping. Since that time, it is unknown if additional firearms were obtained, however, it was discovered that the male was in possession of gun powder which drew greater concern for the safety of everyone involved as well as those who live in the neighborhood. Bellevue Fire Department Medics were staged at a nearby location and a fire response was prepared in the event of a fire.

At approximately 12:00 AM the male was ordered outside of his home. The male complied with commands being given and was safely taken into custody without further incident. Detectives are following up on the assault allegations and both involved children are safe.

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