Police Major Retires After 33 Years in Law Enforcement

After 31 years of service with the Bellevue Police Department, Major Jerry Litzau is retiring from the Department. His last day is today.

Recruit Police Officer Jerry Litzau in 1986 (left) and Major Litzau receiving his retirement credentials from Bellevue City Manager Brad Miyake today (right)

Major Litzau began his public service career as a dispatcher for Littleton, Colorado before being hired with the Wheat Ridge, Colorado Police Department in 1984. He worked two years with Wheat Ridge before his lateral move to the Bellevue Police Department.

During his tenure with the Bellevue Police Department, Jerry held many assignments. In addition to Patrol, he worked in the former Special Details Unit and in property crimes as an auto theft and burglary detective. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2000 and to captain in 2004. He was the first supervisor of the Special Enforcement Team when it was created in 2004. As a captain, he held assignments in Patrol, the Office of Professional Standards, and in the Personnel Services Unit. Major Litzau played softball for the police department’s team for many years and also managed the team’s first successful run to the playoffs.

Since his promotion to major in 2011, his assignments included Operations, Investigations, and Records. He has also served as the Bellevue Police Management Association President. He was a mentor and friend to many in the police department.

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