Bellevue Police Remind Residents: All Fireworks Illegal In Bellevue, Fines Up To $1,000

The Bellevue police and fire departments are asking for your help on this upcoming July 4th holiday, and reminding Bellevue residents and visitors that ALL fireworks are illegal within city limits. The sale, use and possession of fireworks are prohibited in Bellevue. This ban, in effect since 1994, has significantly reduced the number of fires and injuries common with private fireworks use.

Police and firefighters are asking for everyone’s help to have a safe celebration. Residents are encouraged to attend one of the many public fireworks displays in the region, like the Bellevue Family 4th, and to refrain from lighting their own neighborhood displays.


Police officers and firefighters will work together to educate and enforce the fireworks ban within city limits. Officers and firefighters will be paired off, patrolling and responding to neighborhood complaints of fireworks. Enforcement may include a verbal warning, written warning, civil notice to appear before a hearing examiner and/or misdemeanor arrest. Penalties of up to $1,000 may be issued for use of fireworks within city limits.

You can learn more about fireworks regulations in Bellevue by watching the below clip from BellevueNOW.

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