Bellevue Police Promote Six in Ceremony at City Hall

This Tuesday, the Bellevue Police Department formally promoted six members to various ranks in a formal promotional ceremony that was held at Bellevue City Hall. The promotions included the rank of Sergeant, Captain, Major, and Assistant Chief. The three Sergeant promotions included James Brack, Darryl McKinney, and Dave Rivera. Robert Spingler was promoted to Captain, and Andrew Popochock to Major. A recent restructuring of the department resulted in the addition of a second Assistant Chief position, which was filled by Carl Kleinknecht.

2018 Promostion Ceremony WEB.jpg
Six members of the Bellevue Police Department were promoted in a ceremony at Bellevue City Hall this week.

The Department members that were promoted are all highly experienced law enforcement professionals that bring with them over 100 years of cumulative law enforcement experience. A bio of each member that was promoted is included below.

Sgt. James Brack

BRACK.jpgJames was hired as an entry level Officer in 2008 after a successful career coaching baseball. During his assignment with Patrol, James was a Field Training Officer, on the Crowd Control Unit, and a member of the Peer Support team.  In 2013, James was transferred to the Investigation Section specializing in Economic Crimes. In the fall of 2017, James was tasked with developing a comprehensive recruitment plan to expand upon the department’s efforts to achieve full staffing. James graduated from the University of Washington and completed one year of  graduate studies at San Jose State University before accepting a full time position with the Spartans coaching college baseball.

 Sgt. Darryl McKinney

McKinneyDarryl began his career as an Officer in November of 1997 with the Tempe Police Department in Tempe, AZ. During his career there he was with the Bike squad, Narcotics unit and K-9 unit. He was also a field training officer while assigned to patrol. Darryl started with the Bellevue Police Department in January of 2015. He was a patrol officer and field training officer before being promoted to Corporal in December of 2016. After a short stint serving as the Bike Squad Corporal, he was promoted to Sergeant and has been with his current patrol squad since June.

Sgt. Dave Rivera

RiveraDave Rivera was hired as an entry level Officer in May of 2001. Dave Rivera is originally from Honolulu Hawaii and moved to Washington State in 1996. He is a former United States Marine and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Ofc Rivera’s past certifications include serving on the Defensive Tactics Instructor Staff, Taser Instructor, Crowd Control Team, Crime Scene Investigator, and Field Training Officer. His current assignments is on the Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement team, Firearms Instructor and Armorer, SWAT Team Operator, and Dave is a FBI Certified Bomb Technician serving on Bellevue’s Regional Bomb Squad.

Captain Robert Spingler

Spingler.jpgRob was hired in 2001 after graduating from the University of Washington.  After the academy he spent his first nine years with the department working a night patrol shift. He became a Field Training Officer in 2005 and was promoted to Corporal in 2007.  After serving as a Corporal for seven years, he was promoted to Sergeant where he has worked in patrol, the Community Services Unit and Special Operations Group as the Vice/Narcotics Sergeant.  Rob has also been on the Crowd Control Team since its inception and served as a team leader and trainer.

Major Andrew Popochock

PopochockAndrew was hired by the Bellevue Police Department in January 2003. During his time as a patrol officer Andrew served as a Field Training Officer, firearms instructor, armorer, and honor guard member. In January 2011, Andrew was promoted to Corporal. As a Corporal, he worked in patrol and the downtown unit. In January 2014 he was promoted to Lieutenant. As a Lieutenant, he worked in patrol and served as one of the supervisors in the Civil Disturbance Unit and Honor Guard. In March 2015 Andrew was selected to fill the position of K9/FTO Lieutenant. In August 2016 he was promoted to Captain. As a Captain, he worked in patrol and in Investigations as the supervisor of the Special Operations Group. He also served as the commander of the Civil Disturbance Unit and the SWAT Team. During his time with BPD, Andrew has been awarded two commanders awards, four lifesaving awards, and the police medal.

Assistant Chief Carl Kleinknecht

KleinknechtAssistant Chief Carl Kleinknecht was hired by the Bellevue Police Department in 1991 after having served as an officer with the Charleston, S.C. Police Department. Carl has served the citizens of Bellevue in several different capacities including Patrol, Investigations (Property, Arson, Violent Crimes and the FBI’s Puget Sound Violent Crimes Task Force), and as a supervisor in the Special Enforcement Team, Office of Professional Standards, and Patrol.  He most recently served as the Patrol Commander and the Office of Accountability Commander. He currently is the Assistant Chief over Operations which includes Patrol, Traffic, Special Operations Group and Investigations. He also serves as the coordinator of the Tomorrows Program which includes six Citizen Advisory Councils and regional stakeholder workgroups that review the policies and processes of the Department. Carl graduated from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and recently completed SMIP at Boston University. He also graduated from the FBI National Academy in March, 2018.


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