Bellevue Police Recognize Two Volunteers For 5,000 Hours of Service

Two Bellevue Police volunteers were recently recognized for a major milestone in their service to the Bellevue community. Volunteers Susan Allen and Allan Schneider have each donated over 5,000 hours of their time during their tenure as Bellevue Police Volunteers. The two were recognized at the annual Bellevue Police volunteer appreciation luncheon, which was held yesterday in Bellevue.

Bellevue Police Volunteer Susan Allen

Police Volunteer Susan Allen has a long history of civic engagement in Bellevue. Her connection to the Bellevue Police Department predates the official start of the volunteer program in 1994. In the 1980’s Susan was active with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and several other police programs and initiatives related to public safety. Throughout her years with the police volunteer program she’s served in many different assignments, including at the Factoria and Bellevue Transit Center police substations and in the Crime Analysis and Crime Prevention Units. Since 2011 Susan has volunteered at the Crossroads Community Station. Susan was a driving force behind the Department’s annual National Night Out event in Crossroads. Susan loves her work with the Department and the opportunity it affords her to help so many people and to support the Police Officers and support staff.

Bellevue Police Volunteer Allan Schneider

Allan Schneider has been a fixture in the Bellevue Police Department’s Investigations Unit since he began his volunteer service with in 2000. Allan assists property Detectives by identifying stolen items that end up at local pawn shops. He also publishes a list that is sent to local law enforcement agencies and pawn shops to assist with identifying individuals who should be prohibited from selling items to pawn brokers. In addition, Allan assists the Crime Analysis Detective by reviewing sex offender case files to prepare a synopsis of documentation needed for risk level assessments and/or criminal prosecution. He reviews and reconciles the Bellevue and King County sex offender lists to ensure that Bellevue has complete and correct information about sex offenders residing within the city limits. Allan values the friendships he’s established with police officers over his 18 years of service and looks forward to continuing to volunteer for many years to come.


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