Man Arrested In Bellevue Stabbing

On Nov. 1 at 11:13 a.m. Bellevue Police received a 911 call from the Operations Manager of the Congregation for the Homeless shelter, located at the 500 block of 116 Ave NE. Assistance was requested in the parking lot regarding an altercation between two established day center clients.

The altercation escalated into a physical confrontation when one of the males, in his 40s, stabbed the other male, who is in his late 20s.

Police officers arrived on the scene within one minute from time of dispatch and took the male suspect into custody.  Other officers rendered first aid to the injured male who was stabilized by Bellevue Fire Medics and transported to an area hospital.  The victim is expected to survive the assault and is providing information to Bellevue detectives.  A portion of the parking lot was locked down for Bellevue detectives to conduct their crime scene investigation and was reopened hours later.

Once the investigation has concluded, detectives will turn the case over to the King County Prosecutor’s Office for the review and filing of criminal charges.

The suspect remains in police custody and has been booked into King County Jail.

Earlier this week, Bellevue Police command staff met with the executive level members of the CFH Winter Shelter staff to coordinate efforts and ensure that a common operational picture was in place to rapidly and effectively respond to situations such as the one that occurred yesterday.

Our Patrol officers and Bike Squad officers are actively patrolling the area surrounding the shelter and conducting frequent walk-throughs of the shelter to build the relationship with the staff and clients.

The relationship between the Bellevue Police Department and CFH has been established over the past several years, and we remain committed to the joint mission of providing a safe environment for the individuals and staff at the shelter as well as for the public that resides or works nearby.

One thought on “Man Arrested In Bellevue Stabbing”

  1. Okay, off to a rough start for the winter shelter. This is exactly why the current location (near BPD, Hospitals, etc) is better than a location near a community college and a heavily wooded area.


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