Bellevue Police complete active shooter training

Bellevue Police active shooter training

Commissioned Bellevue police officers just completed the department’s biannual active shooter training. Scenario-based training is necessary as first responders will do what they are trained to do in a critical incident, including an active shooter.

Active shooter formation drills

The day-long training involved classroom instruction and movement drills such as deployment, formation, and communication.

It also challenged officers with real-life scenarios which are unpredictable and help first responders make quick decisions that will save lives.

In one scenario, officers must discern between a suspect with a gun and a person with a TV remote, a cell phone, or other objects. In another, officers face mass casualties and an active shooter in the building. “The course gets progressively more complicated, with moving objects, casualties, and increased threats,” says Police Chief Steve Mylett. He adds, “Officers must practice these critical skills of rapid deployment, teamwork, and effective communication. Our highest priority is the preservation of life and to stop the shooter.”

This training is especially timely given the horrific shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Bellevue Police active shooter drill

“We pray it never happens here in Bellevue, but we train for every possibility,” Chief Mylett says. “The men and women of the Bellevue Police Department are courageous, well trained, and equipped officers, dedicated to protecting the public.”

Chief Mylett implores everyone to always be conscious of their surroundings and have a plan in case you find yourself in an active shooter situation. “Here in Bellevue and across the country, officers are training hard and doing their part.  The public also needs to do its part. I strongly encourage everyone to watch a video called RUN.HIDE.FIGHT produced by the Houston Police Department. You need to know what to do before it happens. Preparation is key.”


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