Bellevue Detectives capture prolific locker thieves

Bellevue police detectives have arrested two suspects who’ve been wreaking havoc at local gyms for the past ten months. Investigators say 33-year-old Joseph Gill and 30-year-old D’Mario Mallory appear to target gyms that don’t have security systems.


After checking in at the front desk, the two suspects would cut the locks off lockers and steal wallets containing cash and credit cards. The pair placed new locks on the lockers, causing a delay in reporting. Mallory and Gill then immediately used the stolen credit cards to buy gift cards. While the thefts occurred at gyms all over King County, dozens were reported at the Kelsey Creek LA Fitness on 148th Ave NE and Main St. in Bellevue.

Detectives identified the suspects after obtaining store surveillance video of both suspects using the stolen credit cards. Search warrants on the suspects’ homes and cars yielded dozens of gift cards and thousands of dollars in Western Union receipts.  Detectives also recovered cut padlocks, bolt cutters, and clothing worn during the crimes.


Detectives arrested Gill on July 1, 2019, while in jail on an unrelated case. They arrested Mallory on August 8, 2019. Both are charged with three counts of identity theft and are currently in custody at King County jail.

LA Fitness is working with Bellevue Police to improve its security measures.  Detectives are encouraging the company to install video surveillance cameras to aid in identifying future suspects.

Investigators warn other theft rings are actively working gyms in the Puget Sound area.  Detectives suggest you check with the management at your gym about cameras and other security measures.

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