Bellevue officers help man find housing

57-year-old Brid lived out of a camper in Bellevue for four years.  He was frustrated and feeling hopeless. “I couldn’t find a place to live, and I couldn’t get help. It’s almost impossible for a single male out there. I felt like all I did was fill out forms and wait. I waited many years, and then I met Officers Neese and Wallace.”

Brid and Officer Darlene Wallace

Bellevue Officers Greg Neese and Darlene Wallace both issued warnings and ticketed Brid’s vehicles many times over the years. They even had his vehicles towed, but always offered hope and a connection to resources. “Over the years as I got to know Brid, he genuinely wanted help,” said Officer Wallace.  “I got him in touch with The Sofia Way, with someone who specializes in helping car campers.  But credit goes to Brid for being willing to do the work to get off the streets,” Wallace says.

Officer Neese agrees Brid’s desire to change was genuine. “Brid admitted where he made mistakes and worked on his sobriety. I was happy to support him any way I could.  I helped him get rid of some 20-year-old warrants. I even gave him a generator to keep him going.”

Eventually, The Sophia Way helped Brid move into Camp Second Chance, a ‘tiny home’

2019-09-10 09.32.11 (2)
Brid outside his ‘tiny home’

homeless encampment. Brid credits the Bellevue officers for changing his life. “If it weren’t for Officers Neese and Wallace, I never would have found this place. They visited me; they stood up for me and kept me safe. They got me the help I needed.”

2019-09-10 09.27.29
Brid with his cat outside his ‘tiny home’

Brid’s currently in therapy and has been off drugs for several years. He’s working fulltime, has reconnected with his family and is looking to move into an apartment. Brid says, “I never knew life could be this good. I’m hopeful and thankful to Bellevue PD.”

Both officers Wallace and Neese say help is available for anyone who wants it, whether it’s housing, substance abuse or other social service needs.  And Bellevue officers are available to help make that connection.

2 thoughts on “Bellevue officers help man find housing”

  1. Thank you to the officers for going above and beyond. Glad Brid was willing to do the work needed to help his own situation.


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