Sky Metalwala still missing 8 years later

It’s been eight years, and still no trace of Sky Metalwala. Sky was just 2-years-old when he vanished from his mother’s vehicle on November 6, 2011. Julia Biryukova says she left Sky in her car after it ran out of gas in Bellevue, and that’s when he disappeared.

sky baby
Sky Metalwala, 2-years-old

A police investigation revealed inaccuracies in Julia’s statement, including the fact that her car was not out of gas and had no mechanical problems. Julia spoke with investigators the day she reported her son missing but has since refused to participate in the police investigation.

“Our detectives still want to talk with Julia Biryukova. We believe she knows what happened to Sky,” said Chief Steve Mylett. “We will never forget Sky, and we will not stop looking for him. This is very much an open investigation,” the Chief added. “Someone somewhere knows something. Please come forward and tell us.”

To date, investigators with the Bellevue Police Department, The FBI, and Redmond Police Department have pursued over 2,500 tips and spent more than 14,000 hours investigating this case. To date, the cost has been over two million dollars.

The Chief says he is undeterred. “I will spend any amount of money and go anywhere if our efforts result in finding Sky. He deserves that.”


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