Busted gym locker theft ring now charged in multiple states

When prolific gym locker thieves Troy Mitchell and Sydney Williams were charged with multiple felony counts of theft and identity theft in connection with dozens of locker break-ins at Bellevue gyms, it was just the tip of the iceberg. It seems the pair took their gym locker theft ring on the road.

During the investigation, Bellevue detectives tracked Mitchell and Williams around the country, committing similar thefts. As a result, both suspects are now also under investigation or charged in Oregon, Colorado, Georgia, Texas, and several cities in Minnesota.

The same detectives re-arrested Mitchell yesterday (December 12th ) on a Fugitive from Justice warrant out of Oregon, where Mitchell and Williams have been charged with 14 felony counts of aggravated theft, identity theft, burglary and credit card fraud in Washington County.

The two 50-year-old suspects’ scheme has been consistent as they traipsed around the country. They check into a gym, compromise the locks on lockers, steal credit cards, and fraudulently use them to purchase thousands of dollars in merchandise.

Mitchell is currently in the King County Jail.

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