Major burglary ring busted, two in jail

Two suspects are behind bars after Bellevue Police detectives broke up a burglary ring where the pair cased high-end homes, returning multiple times to steal items. Detectives say 33-year-old Ryan Purvis and 34-year-old Nathan Wood were arrested and have been charged with felony counts, including residential burglary, motor vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Investigators say Purvis and Wood would repeatedly drive through neighborhoods, noting unoccupied homes. They’d return to those homes, steal what they could, including the victim’s cars.  In some cases, the suspects would return in the victim’s own vehicle to steal again, leaving the home ransacked.

2020-05-06 11_51_55-RolexThe son-in-law of one victim, noticed his father-in-law’s car leaving the neighborhood. Knowing his father-in-law was out of town, the man tried to stop the suspects, but they fled by driving through a neighbor’s yard. The resident called police, and detectives were able to track down and arrest both Purvis and Wood. Woods was wearing a victim’s Rolex watch on his right wrist. The investigation showed Purvis had ten prior felony convictions.

A search warrant produced three automobiles, multiple car key fobs, several fur coats, a high-end speaker system, and hundreds of pieces of jewelry.  In all, the stolen property amounted to at least $200,000, plus the vehicles. There are multiple victims and cases in Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island, and unincorporated King County near Redmond.  Bellevue detectives are working these cases with their counterparts in these jurisdictions.  The investigation is ongoing and additional charges could be forthcoming.

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