Armed robbery investigation

Detectives are investigating an armed robbery at a Factoria marijuana dispensary at 11:30 am Wednesday. Employees reported two suspects robbed the store at gunpoint and then fled with cash and product. Employees saw the suspects flee in a gray Nissan Maxima driven by a third suspect.

Officers pursued the suspects, given the serious nature of the crime and the weapon used.

“Any decision to pursue a suspect is highly scrutinized, and we balance the threat posed by the suspects with the risk the pursuit poses to the community,” explained Chief Wendell Shirley. “In this case, these suspects were armed and extremely dangerous, and we needed to get them into custody to prevent further harm.”

A supervisor approves all pursuits, and they are continuously evaluated throughout the event to assess the risk.

Officers pursued the suspects as they drove into Seattle, through Renton, and back into Seattle, where one suspect was taken into custody after the car stopped near Findlay and 37th Ave S.

Seattle police took over the scene and arrested a second suspect. The third suspect was barricaded in an outdoor shed when shots were fired, and the suspect was hit.  Seattle PD will be providing further updates on the officer-involved shooting.

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