Three Ways You Can Prevent Package Piracy

This holiday season, millions of packages will be delivered to homes throughout the country. Unfortunately, many of these items never reach their intended destination due to theft. Package piracy can happen to anyone, but Bellevue Police remind you that there are ways you can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of this common crime.  Continue reading “Three Ways You Can Prevent Package Piracy”

Bellevue Police Provide Tips For Preventing Car Prowls This Holiday Shopping Season

As the holiday shopping season kicks off, the Bellevue Police Department released a short video reminding people of three simple ways to prevent car break-ins.

There are three words that police want you to remember every time you park: LOCK TAKE, and LEAVE. LOCK your car every time you park, TAKE your valuables with you, and LEAVE valuables at home, not in your vehicle.  Continue reading “Bellevue Police Provide Tips For Preventing Car Prowls This Holiday Shopping Season”

Bellevue Police Seek Assistance Identifying Pedestrian Involved in Hit And Run (video)

Today, Bellevue Police Responded to a reported hit and run crash involving a pedestrian near the intersection with 148th Avenue NE and NE 8th Street. Officers arrived and contacted the driver of a 2016 Tesla SUV. The driver stated that she was driving westbound on NE 8th Street at about 35 miles per hour when a pedestrian ran into the drivers’ side of her vehicle. There was significant damage to the side of the vehicle, including the mirror. After the crash, the pedestrian picked up his skateboard and ran northbound on 148th Avenue. The pedestrian was not located. The pedestrian is described as a white male juvenile, wearing a dark hoodie and a blue backpack, and carrying a skateboard. The entire incident was captured by a city of Bellevue traffic camera (warning: graphic video).

In the video, the pedestrian appears to get into a “three point stance” before running across the busy roadway against the light.

Bellevue Police are asking for anyone that knows the identity of the pedestrian to contact them at 425-577-5656. Any time an individual is involved in a collision that causes damage to a vehicle, they are required to stop and provide information to the other involved party. This includes pedestrians.