Bellevue Police Continue to Build Relationships With Diverse Community

Bilingual “At Your Service” brochures available at community centers,
library branches, schools, City Hall this week

As part of an ongoing effort to enhance police-community relations, the Bellevue Police Department will begin distributing bilingual brochures, in English and Spanish, about the roles and responsibilities of the police department. The brochure also features a link to the 10-minute-long YouTube video, At Your Service (available in English and Spanish), that explains how the police serve and protect the community.

The multi-lingual brochure (English version shown), is designed to educate communtiy members about the roles and responsibilities of the Bellevue Police Department.

The brochure and video were developed based on feedback received over the last year of collaborative work with the police department’s Citizen Advisory Councils.

“We focus efforts and resources to build bridges between the police department and all communities in Bellevue,” said Chief of Police Steve Mylett. “It is our sincere hope that we will establish deep trust with all members of the Bellevue community and we will be viewed by all as trusted servants, allies and members of every community.”

Starting this week, the public can find the At Your Service brochure at community centers, library branches, and schools in Bellevue; Bellevue Police Department headquarters at City Hall; and the Crossroads and Factoria Community Police Stations. BPD’s goal is to produce additional videos and brochures in other languages.

For the past year, BPD has been bringing its message out into the community through town hall discussions and safety forums. Doing so provides Bellevue’s residents with information about what police do – and don’t do – which helps to mitigate anxiety about police interactions. These police events also provide an important avenue for on-going dialogue and engagement.

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