Police sector captains to host roundtables

UPDATE: Due to a scheduling conflict, we have been asked to reschedule the north and south sector roundtables. Please note the new dates below. We apologize for the change and appreciate your understanding.

Bellevue police sector captains will be holding roundtables to answer questions and address concerns or issues you have about your neighborhood.

Bellevue police have divided the city into three sectors – north, south and west – and assigned a captain to each. The smaller sectors help ensure they can address ongoing neighborhood concerns.

To identify the sector captain for your neighborhood, please refer to the sector map. https://bit.ly/SectorCaptMap

Please join the sector captain roundtable for your neighborhood. All three will be from 7-8:30 pm.

• South Sector (Capt. Dave Sanabria): Wednesday, Sept. 29
• West Sector (Capt. Joe Nault): Thursday, Sept. 30
• North Sector (Capt. Darryl Mckinney): Tuesday, Oct. 5

To join a roundtable, go to CityofBellevue.zoom.us/j/96832858571. The passcode is 324830.

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