Loud muffler emphasis patrols

BPD officers are conducting a special emphasis patrol this summer to crack down on loud mufflers. These modified exhaust systems generate numerous complaints. “These cars are not just noisy; they’re a huge disruption to people’s lives and their illegal,” explained Captain Joe Nault. “We are dedicating significant resources to educate and cite drivers who violate the law.”

Washington state law makes it illegal to be without or modify an exhaust system to amplify or increase the noise emitted by an engine.

One Friday evening alone, August 6th, officers cited 11 vehicles for modified exhaust, including a 55 Bel Air for an incomplete exhaust system, a couple Subaru’s and a Nissan all for excessively revving the engine with a modified muffler. Officers also cited a 19-year-old for modified exhaust, negligent driving, and no insurance when he sped up Bellevue Way and cut off another driver. One driver was cited for DUI.

“While we are putting extra patrols out to cite those with modified mufflers this summer, this is a year-round problem, and we will continue to cite for modified exhaust systems. So far this year, our officers have issued 237 citations,” said Nault.

The fines escalate for each ticket. The fine for the first offense is $149, $190 for the second, and $231 for the third offense.

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